Tips for a Successful Bachelor Party at Sea!

Captain Preston tells us what should we bring when we go out on a bachelor party. (stag or stagette) Well in fact there is a number of different items you could bring to make your experience that much better. The Captain has provided a short list of some of the more popular items.

You can bring some alcohol of course! You could bring some beer… high-end beer, medium-end beer, other than the groom you may wanna bring some Lucky! You might even have a couple light-weights so you could even bring some passion fruit beverage?! (We’ll keep these jokes to a minimum) Bring some cups, so we can write your name on them and you can keep track of your drinks. Bring some hard liquor if you’s up to you!

TIP!! – If you’re a really good friend, water down the alcohol.

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Fishing for Chum Salmon in the Month of November

So we’re already into November and most of the salmon have already gone up the river however a few species are still hanging around.

The Chum salmon are the last run of salmon coming in and they will be around for the next bit into the month of December. They are the last run of the salmon family, essentially the latest run.


What we are looking at is fishing with using general dark ‘hoochie’, purples or blacks or any kind of dark coloured ‘hoochie’. Of course they will still take bait of any kind of Herring or even Anchovy’s .
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Fishing For Salmon at Ocean Adventure Center

Tips for Fishing for Chinook Salmon in British Columbia!

Adult chinook salmon are usually found in two general habitats. Early in the morning or late in the evening, chinook can often be found cruising very close to shore, especially near kelp beds. At this time, they can be caught in 20’ to 120’ feet of water. They are most likely suspended in the water column, that is, they aren’t on the bottom. In open water, chinook are going to be found were there is abundant bait. They can be anywhere from in the top 20’ of water to down on the bottom at depths of 200’ or deeper. Usually they will move deeper during the day as the sun gets brighter. A good starting depth for open water is between 40’ and 80’. We’re catching quite a few Chinook these’s graphic showing the OAC advantage:
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Crabbing with Ocean Adventure Center

Crab Fishing in Vancouver Waters!

The West Coast of British Columbia is famous for its crab harvests, just as the East Coast is famous for its lobsters. The crab species you can catch here are big and meaty, which means they are great for eating. Click the video below to see how much fun we have out on the water catching trap after trap of pacific crab!!

To distinguish a male crab from a female, you need to look at the bottom of the shell.


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Fishing For Pink Salmon on a Warm Summer Day!

The fish are biting and we are catching a lot of Pinks!!

In the ocean, pink salmon are bright silver fish. After returning to their spawning streams, their colouring changes to pale grey on the back with yellowish-white belly (although some turn an overall dull green colour). Check out the video below for tips on preparing your delicious Pink Salmon and contact us to book your next ocean adventure.

Fishing For Salmon at Ocean Adventure Center

The Chinook Salmon…Hail The King Of All Salmon!

The Chinook…Hail The King Of All Salmon Are Coming into Season!
Aka: King Salmon, Tyee Salmon and Blackmouth

Average size: 10-15 lbs, up to 135 lbs

As the 2015 Salmon season approaches we anticipate another great season of fishing for a variety of salmon species. We’ve also been fortunate with the Gulf Island’s with catching Chinook, Pinks and the odd Coho. We seem to get a lot of inquiries about the Chinook Salmon often referred to as the King Salmon or the Black Mouth. Chinook fishing season really ramps up in early August and continues well into September as the fish make there way up the Fraser River.
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A Lesson in Sea Fearing Myths!

While out on a recent fishing adventure aboard the Seastar with the crew one fine spring day I had learned a valuable lesson…!

no-bananaWe had an incredible time out on the water that morning, the sky was a little over-cast and the air a little brisk, but not discouraging. On board the Seastar with us that day was Captain Preston Steele and his first mate Philippe Rhoads. This would be a special voyage as it was with a group of new fishing guides or “Anglers” in training for a position on the OAC crew. I was invited as the website master to attend as a pleasure cruise and get a real feel for the adventure I tend to daily! We set off that morning close to 9 am and by 11 am we were sailing past Lighthouse park. We prepared our fishing rods with the sardines we use for bait and cast them into the deep cool water and started trolling for Salmon. We were super excited to catch what would no doubt be an amazing BBQ feast to follow..!

My jaw dropped wide open and I was shocked and confused by what had just occurred…why in the hell did this guy think it was ok to throw part of my lunch 20 feet port side!!? It didn’t take long for me to overhear the faint chuckles of the crew from up in the upper deck or for me to notice other members of the crew filming the entire incident. After the shock of having my property thrown over board, I looked up proof of this crazy myth and verified it was indeed true…crazy and as random as a twilight zone episode but real!! I also discovered a few other weird and wonderfully stupid superstitions and I thought I would create a list of ten of the most bizarre myths of the sea we found out that day!

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Shrimp Fishing at Ocean Adventure Center

A Guide for Spot Prawns on Vancouver’s West Coast…Prepare to Feast!

Spot prawn is a type of large shrimp that belongs to the group of crustaceans.

It is closely related to crabs and lobsters. Spot prawn can be found in the north Pacific. It inhabits rocky, muddy and sandy bottoms and areas near the corals and sponges on a depth of 1.600 feet. Spot prawn is important part of human diet (it is consumed around the world). Despite over-collecting of spot prawns from the wild, they are still not on the list of endangered species.

On Thursday May 3rd the fishing season finally opened and will continue on for the next 6-8 weeks. The BC Spot Prawn fishery is a great sustainable option right here in our local waters off the West coast of BC. This is a well managed fishery where fishers use traps or pots which result in minimal by catch or habitat damage.

Here’s a few fun facts for you..and book your boat today for a feed you’ll never forget!!
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Girl with Chinook at Ocean Adventure Center

Fishing for Winter Chinooks!

Winter fishing is still fishing and we love it! We had an amazing day out trolling for Winter Chinooks..and the scenery was spectacular this fine day in February. The scenery and remarkable view makes for a perfect video that shows off Beautiful British Columbia.

Salmon Fishing with Ocean Adventure Center

What do we catch fishing Vancouver’s coastal waters?

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Charter Specialists!
At the Ocean Adventure we provide you with a large variety of fishing tackle, state of the art electronics and current navigational equipment. Our professional guides have a proven track record of producing on a high percentage of our trips. Vancouver offers prolific salmon fishing 365 days of the year.

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