Tips for a Successful Bachelor Party at Sea!

Captain Preston tells us what should we bring when we go out on a bachelor party. (stag or stagette) Well in fact there is a number of different items you could bring to make your experience that much better. The Captain has provided a short list of some of the more popular items.

You can bring some alcohol of course! You could bring some beer… high-end beer, medium-end beer, other than the groom you may wanna bring some Lucky! You might even have a couple light-weights so you could even bring some passion fruit beverage?! (We’ll keep these jokes to a minimum) Bring some cups, so we can write your name on them and you can keep track of your drinks. Bring some hard liquor if you’s up to you!

TIP!! – If you’re a really good friend, water down the alcohol.

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Fishing for Salmon with Ocean Adventure Center

Team Building…Time Well Spent on the Ocean!

At the Ocean Adventure Center the SEASTAR is the ideal vessel for large group trips.

“We had a great day out there, bit of team building day with the gang from Mustang Survival. And we managed to get a bunch of Crabs and some prawns. We brought them back to the dock and boiled them up. You can see the team is now huddled around eating and I think they may be elbowing each other to get into the crabs..but thats ok!! lol!”

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