Fishing For Salmon at Ocean Adventure Center

The Chinook Salmon…Hail The King Of All Salmon!

The Chinook…Hail The King Of All Salmon Are Coming into Season!
Aka: King Salmon, Tyee Salmon and Blackmouth

Average size: 10-15 lbs, up to 135 lbs

As the 2015 Salmon season approaches we anticipate another great season of fishing for a variety of salmon species. We’ve also been fortunate with the Gulf Island’s with catching Chinook, Pinks and the odd Coho. We seem to get a lot of inquiries about the Chinook Salmon often referred to as the King Salmon or the Black Mouth. Chinook fishing season really ramps up in early August and continues well into September as the fish make there way up the Fraser River.
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Girl with Chinook at Ocean Adventure Center

Fishing for Winter Chinooks!

Winter fishing is still fishing and we love it! We had an amazing day out trolling for Winter Chinooks..and the scenery was spectacular this fine day in February. The scenery and remarkable view makes for a perfect video that shows off Beautiful British Columbia.