Shrimp Fishing at Ocean Adventure Center

A Guide for Spot Prawns on Vancouver’s West Coast…Prepare to Feast!

Spot prawn is a type of large shrimp that belongs to the group of crustaceans.

It is closely related to crabs and lobsters. Spot prawn can be found in the north Pacific. It inhabits rocky, muddy and sandy bottoms and areas near the corals and sponges on a depth of 1.600 feet. Spot prawn is important part of human diet (it is consumed around the world). Despite over-collecting of spot prawns from the wild, they are still not on the list of endangered species.

On Thursday May 3rd the fishing season finally opened and will continue on for the next 6-8 weeks. The BC Spot Prawn fishery is a great sustainable option right here in our local waters off the West coast of BC. This is a well managed fishery where fishers use traps or pots which result in minimal by catch or habitat damage.

Here’s a few fun facts for you..and book your boat today for a feed you’ll never forget!!

Spot prawns are the largest of the 7 commercial species of shrimp found in Canada’s west coast waters. The prawns body colour is usually reddish brown or orange with white horizontal bars on the carapace (shell) and distinctive white spots on the first and fifth abdominal segments. Spot Prawns vary greatly in size, with some of the larger females exceeding 23 cm in total length – bigger than your hand.

US Spot Prawns may come in earlier but they are not as sustainable as the BC harvest: prawns are smaller and often ‘berried’ (females with eggs attached). The BC season opens later which means the prawns have grown to full size and about to die naturally. BC Spot Prawn is the biggest of all seven commercial species of shrimp found of the west coast.

The spot prawn is known for its sweet, delicate flavour and firm texture. The season is super-short – BC spot prawns are available live during the harvest season, which usually starts in May and lasts anywhere from six to eight weeks! book your cruise today!



• When buying tails on ice, look for prawns with firm, translucent flesh. And make sure they smell fresh with no hint of ammonia.

• After buying your prawns, immediately get them into a cooler or on ice.

• Never put Spot Prawns in tap water, the chlorine in our water system will immediately kill the prawns.

• Spot Prawns taste best when they are cooked fast – between 30 seconds and two minutes.

• Watch for them to turn pink; when they change colour from reddish-brown they are cooked.

• Suck the Head – Seriously. We cannot stress enough how delicious the juices are in the head of the prawn!