Crabbing with Ocean Adventure Center

Crab Fishing in Vancouver Waters!

The West Coast of British Columbia is famous for its crab harvests, just as the East Coast is famous for its lobsters. The crab species you can catch here are big and meaty, which means they are great for eating. Click the video below to see how much fun we have out on the water catching trap after trap of pacific crab!!

To distinguish a male crab from a female, you need to look at the bottom of the shell.


Crabbing is popular among sport fishers, as traps can easily be dropped from a boat all along the west-coast. Check the map below to see the areas we like to catch crab! Dungeness, Red Rock, Alaska King are often found in areas 21-27 20, 28 and 29. Book your charter today and let’s get some traps in the water for you!