Fishing For Salmon at Ocean Adventure Center

The Chinook Salmon…Hail The King Of All Salmon!

The Chinook…Hail The King Of All Salmon Are Coming into Season!
Aka: King Salmon, Tyee Salmon and Blackmouth

Average size: 10-15 lbs, up to 135 lbs

As the 2015 Salmon season approaches we anticipate another great season of fishing for a variety of salmon species. We’ve also been fortunate with the Gulf Island’s with catching Chinook, Pinks and the odd Coho. We seem to get a lot of inquiries about the Chinook Salmon often referred to as the King Salmon or the Black Mouth. Chinook fishing season really ramps up in early August and continues well into September as the fish make there way up the Fraser River.









You kiss your mother with that mouth?!

The Chinook Salmon’s distinctive features include a black ring arounds its mouth which makes this favourite of fishermen more than just a pretty face. Chinook salmon are blue-green on the head and back. The sides are silvery. The tail, back and upper fin have irregular, black spots. During the mating season the salmon develop a reddish tint around the back fins and tail.


The Original Super Food!

Many salmon lovers consider Chinook meat to be the best. It is packed with omega fats that sizzle on the barbecue, so tasty it makes its own sauce, no recipe needed. The meat is firm and “chunky”, with a texture some describe as closer to high quality beef steak than fish. While Chinook meat is usually red, some have white meat, the fattiest and tastiest of all, ideal for both barbecuing and smoking.